Residency Waiver Process (2018 Spring Season)

Palo Alto Little League follows a protocol for accepting a player who, according to the player's residency, should be playing in a nearby league.

Non-resident players who attend school in Palo Alto may request to transfer to Palo Alto Little League. Families that are subject to this rule must be formally documented by submitting the "Little League School Enrollment Form" available at

You may leave the League Name, League ID#, Division and Level blank on the form (these will be completed by PALL). After completing the form, submit it to the PALL President, Chip Hall, at the address below:

Chip Hall
954 Forest Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301

After the form is submitted with the information requested above, you can assume your waiver is accepted unless informed otherwise. ACCORDING TO NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE RULES, NON-RESIDENTS MUST SUBMIT THIS FORM EACH YEAR, UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE. If we must notify you that your request is declined, you will have the opportunity to register with your local league.

After you submit the waiver to PALL, register your player at the PALL registration website — — to be placed on a team. You will be notified of season orientation/next steps after registering.