Policies and Guidelines for Registration, Fees and Refunds (2018 Spring Season)

All matters involving registration, fees, and refunds are confidential; PALL strives to preserve the confidential nature of each case for every player.

We believe that financial hardship should never prevent a player from participating in PALL; partial and full scholarships are available upon request. If a player needs to withdraw, then the Executive Board shall have the final decision regarding the return of any or all monies.

Once Player Agents form the teams, players and their families are not likely to be eligible for refunds. However, special circumstances may be reviewed by the Executive Board to allow for a refund.

Below are examples of legitimate causes for refunds:

  • Prior to team formation, a family decides not to participate.
  • A player is injured prior to the first game and is unable to play for the remainder of the season.
  • A change in financial situation makes the registration fee a burden to the family.
  • For Seniors and Juniors: no tryout will result in a cancellation of registration, and a refund will be provided.

Below are situations that DO NOT ordinarily qualify for a refund:

  • After teams are formed by a Player Agent, a player chooses to withdraw.
  • After the first game of the season, a player is injured and is unable to play for the remainder of the season. (This injury does not have to have occurred while playing Little League.)

How a refund is processed

1) A parent requests a refund in writing, preferably by email, to the appropriate Player Agent and the PALL Registrar (registration@pabaseball.org)

2) This information will be distributed to other PALL members, as appropriate (typically the Treasurer will need to be involved with refunds). If necessary, more information will be obtained from the parent, manager or other affected parties.

3) If it is clearly within policy, a refund will be provided or denied. If a request is denied, the parent will be informed that they may appeal to the Executive Board by sending a message to the President.