Helping Your Child's Coach

Description of Playing Levels
Skill Evaluations
Player Commitment
Parent Commitment
Parents' Obligations
Communicating With Your Child's Coach
Coach Evaluation Checklist
Dealing With Unsatisfactory Coaching
Helping Your Child's Coach
Preseason Practice and Season Play
Field Decorum – Official Regulations XIV
Uniforms and Equipment
Injury and Insurance Coverage
Complaint Procedure

Remember that most coaches are striving to do the best they can. You can help make the coach's job a bit easier, as well as help your child enjoy Little League more, by doing the following things:

1. Let your child know you support his or her participation in Little League. Get involved: volunteer your time in the league, practice with your athlete, attend games, and show that you care.
2. Provide your child with proper equipment and encourage its correct use.
3. Monitor your child's participation so that you know how your child is developing.
4. Do not interfere with the coach unless the coach has clearly erred.
5. Keep the coach informed if your child is injured or ill.
6. Make certain your child is sleeping and eating properly.
7. Help the coach when asked to do so. You might be needed to raise funds, drive kids to games, keep score, or even be an assistant coach.
8. Keep control of yourself! Show by your example how you want your child to behave on and off the field.

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