Coach Evaluation Checklist

Description of Playing Levels
Skill Evaluations
Player Commitment
Parent Commitment
Parents' Obligations
Communicating With Your Child's Coach
Coach Evaluation Checklist
Dealing With Unsatisfactory Coaching
Helping Your Child's Coach
Preseason Practice and Season Play
Field Decorum – Official Regulations XIV
Uniforms and Equipment
Injury and Insurance Coverage
Complaint Procedure
Coaching Philosophy
Does the coach keep winning and losing in perspective, or is this person a “win-at-all-costs” coach? Does the coach make sure that learning baseball is fun?
What are the coach's motives for coaching? Does the coach seek personal recognition at the expense of the players?
Does the coach know the rules and skills of the sport? Does the coach know how to teach those skills to young people?
Does the coach permit players to share in leadership and decision-making, or does he or she call all the shots? Is the coach's leadership built on intimidation or mutual respect?
Does the coach display the self-control expected of the players, or does she or he fly off the handle frequently? When kids make mistakes, does the coach build them up or put them down?
Is the coach sensitive to the emotions of the players or so wrapped up in his or her own emotions that the kids' feelings are forgotten? Does the coach understand the unique make-up of each child, treating children as individuals?
Do the coach's words and actions communicate positive or negative feelings? Does the coach know when to talk and when to listen?
Does the coach punish one youngster but not another for the same behavior? Is the coach hypocritical, saying one thing and then doing another?
Do the players respect and listen to what the coach says? Do the players look up to the coach as a person to emulate?
Does the coach demonstrate enthusiasm, for coaching baseball? Does the coach know how to build enthusiasm among the players?

No One Is Perfect There are several ways to learn more about your child's coach. Don't feel you are snooping; you are fulfilling your obligation as a responsible parent!

1. Talk with the coach to find out answers to the questions in the checklist.
2. Observe the coach in practice and games.
3. Talk with other parents who have had children play under this coach.

Remember, no coach will be perfect (just as you are not a perfect parent), but you need to be satisfied that your child's coach meets some minimum standards.