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Parents' Obligations
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Palo Alto Little League asks that every parent respect the following general policies:

Parents are requested to read through the Parents’ Handbook before the first scheduled game. If any parent objects to the League's rules and policies, the objections must be discussed with the Player Agent responsible for their player’s division before the first game.

If a parent objects to a particular manager's policies or actions, that parent should first discuss their objection with the manager. If not satisfied, the parent should then contact the Player Agent within one week of a specific incident. If the parent does not address the matter within one week, it suggests that the parent's objection was not strong enough to warrant any League action.

Only parents designated by the manager as coaches may be on the playing field for a game or practice. (Official Regulation XIV)

During a game, parents who are not coaches should not confer with the manager unless they see a safety problem or a problem concerning a player's well being. The manager is supervising up to 15 players, and it takes his or her full concentration to remain vigilant concerning safety problems while orchestrating the game. In addition, parents should not detract from a player's concentration on the game, and should NOT provide players with food and beverages during the game.

Parents are encouraged to help watch for safety problems during games and practices, and to help prevent injuries. This request specifically includes watching small children in the stands.

Parents are in a much better position to know the health of their youngster than the manager. If a player has any kind of injury, illness, ache, or pain, is unusually tired, or just does not feel well, the parent must bring it to the manager's attention before the game or practice.

Please be sure that your player is dressed warmly. From March through May, it can become quite chilly late in the day, and every player should have a sweatshirt to wear under the uniform as appropriate. Players should always bring a jacket to the game to wear while on the bench.

Parents are responsible for arranging timely transportation for their children to and from games and practices. Please respect the wishes of the manager with regard to arrival times for both games and practices, and notify the manager ahead of time if the child will be absent or late.

Spectator Conduct. The best baseball games are those where everyone - players and spectators alike - cheers. The League distinguishes, however, between positive encouragement and chants or comments that are intended to distract or deride an opponent. Players and spectators are allowed only to encourage the players, not to distract or deride them. The umpire has the authority to halt play and, if necessary, to eject players, managers, coaches, or spectators who distract or deride opponents, or engage in other unsportsmanlike activity.

Parents, managers and coaches are expected to set an example of good sportsmanship at all times by positively encouraging players, and not vocally questioning or criticizing umpires' calls or managers' decisions.

Alcoholic Beverages. Palo Alto Little League prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages on its property, and at its games, regardless of where those games are played.

Smoking. There is no smoking allowed at the Little League Ballpark at Middlefield Road. Spectators should not smoke near players or other spectators. Managers and Coaches are not permitted to smoke or chew tobacco at any Little League event.