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Preseason skill evaluations require applicants, grouped by league age, to demonstrate their ability to run the bases, throw a baseball, field ground balls, catch fly balls, and hit a pitched ball. Player Agents, managers and coaches observe each youngster in an effort to assess ability and experience and to determine at which level the youngster should play.

As stated by Official Regulation IV section (f), any candidate failing to attend at least 50 percent (2) of the Majors skill evaluation (tryout) sessions shall forfeit league eligibility unless an excuse is presented which is accepted by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Skill Evaluations for Majors and PCL

Players of Little League age 9 or 10 become eligible to play in the PCL only if they have attended the PCL skill evaluation session and will be placed on a PCL team roster subject to the discretion of the PCL Player Agent. Applicants of league age 11 and 12 who opt to play in PCL and 11-year-olds who attend Majors skill evaluation sessions and are not drafted to a Majors team are requested to attend a PCL spring training session for an informal evaluation by the PCL Player Agent prior to placement on a team.

Applicants of Little League age 9 through 12 become eligible to play in the Majors only if they have attended at least the minimum number of required skill evaluation sessions. Beginning in 2008, 12-year-olds that have a desire to play at the Majors level and have attended the required number of Majors skill evaluation sessions are guaranteed placement on a Majors team.

Download a fact sheet for more information about Majors/PCL tryouts.

Skill Evaluations for Juniors

Juniors-only tryouts are likely to be held at Gunn High School immediately preceding the general Palo Alto Babe Ruth tryouts on the same dates; check with the league website or player agent to confirm these details. Players electing to be subject to the Babe Ruth draft but not selected to a Babe Ruth League team then become available for assignment to a Junior League team at the conclusion of the draft.

8-year-old Skill Evaluations for Pitching Machine

Skill evaluations for 8-year-olds interested in playing in the Pitching Machine League (rather than being assigned by default to the Coach Pitch league) are arranged by the Pitching Machine Player Agents.

9- and 10-year-olds desiring to play in the Pitching Machine League do not need to attend skill evaluations. They will be automatically assigned to a Pitching Machine team if they do not attend the PCL and/or Majors skill evaluations for possible placement on a PCL or Majors team.

6-year-old Skill Evaluations for Coach Pitch

Skill evaluations for 6-year-olds interested in playing in the Coach Pitch League (rather than being assigned by default to the Tee Ball league) are arranged by the Coach Pitch Player Agent.

See the calendar for the dates and times of these skill evaluations:

  • Majors and PCL (9 – 12-year-olds)
  • Juniors (13 – 14-year-olds)
  • Pitching Machine (8-year-olds)
  • Coach Pitch (6-year-olds)