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Player Injury. Youngsters participating in any athletic activity may suffer injury. If a child has sustained an injury, the team manager should be notified as soon as possible. The first signs of any injury often become evident after practice or a game. If any injury is serious enough to require a doctor, medical care should be sought immediately.

Insurance Coverage. Little League carries accident insurance that covers each registered child for injury incurred while participating in scheduled games, practice sessions, and other scheduled league activities. This policy is an excess coverage policy, that is, it affords up to $1,000 coverage per accident for any medical bills not paid by other existing medical insurance carried individually by the family or through an employees group policy. There is no premium charge to the parent for this coverage.

Claim Procedures. If a child incurs an injury, parents should make claim for payment of medical expenses to their family medical coverage or through their employee’s group policy. Where no other policy coverage is available, or whenever any medical expenses are not paid by a primary policy, or when a deductible policy results in an unpaid charge, these unpaid bills will be submitted to the Little League carrier.

The team manager will report any injury to the Little League Player Agent. Parents will be contacted by a Little League representative to secure coverage details and any claim submission information. Liability Coverage. Little League carries general liability coverage. However, damage to parked cars caused by errant baseballs is expressly excluded. Note: Foul balls can reach all parts of the Middlefield Park parking lot. To keep your car absolutely safe from baseball damage, please park in the Mitchell Park lot beyond the trees in right field. There is a footpath located between the PALL equipment storage sheds and the batting cages that leads from Mitchell Park to the Little League parking lot and bleachers.