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The League will furnish Majors and PCL players with a complete uniform: hat, shirt, pants, belt and socks. Players may keep the hat, pants, and socks after the season, but must return the shirt and belt. Teams may not purchase special hats.

Pitching Machine players will receive hat and shirt. They may keep everything at the conclusion of the regular season.

Coach Pitch players will receive hat and shirt, which they may keep.

Tee-Ball players will receive a hat and shirt that they may keep.

Note: All players should have a complete uniform for every game. Shirts must be kept tucked in. If a player does not have a complete uniform, the manager must notify the umpire before the game.

Uniform Care: All uniforms and T-shirts should be washed with care using a mild soap and no bleach. Cold-water detergents are excellent for both uniforms and T-shirts, and prevent shrinking. Torn garments must be repaired at home.

Personal Equipment: Each player must provide a suitable fielder's glove. The League provides a catcher's mitt, catcher's equipment, protective helmets and a selection of bats for each team.

Approved youth baseball shoes or soccer shoes with rubber cleats are recommended. Shoes with screw-in or metal cleats are not allowed. Tennis shoes or sneakers are considered adequate but impose obvious disadvantages when running on the ball field. For safety, it is suggested that no player wear leather-soled shoes or boots to games or practices.

It is recommended that players bring a jacket or sweatshirt to all practices and games, since the weather can become cool in the afternoon and evening. During cool weather, it is advisable to wear a sweatshirt (with long sleeves) under the uniform shirt. Note that Official Playing Rule 1.10 states that any part of a pitcher’s undershirt or T-shirt exposed to view shall be of a uniform solid color, not white or gray.