Preseason Practice and Season Play

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Preseason Practice and Season Play
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Preseason Practice. The manager of your player's team will call practice sessions during the days following final team assignment and prior to the start of regular season play. Every player should attend these practices, schoolwork permitting.

These practices are important because the manager needs to begin working on baseball fundamentals, explain policies and rules, and help the players with early conditioning, It makes the manager's job much easier to go over the basics with the entire team right from the outset. In addition, the players need to get to know each other and develop a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

After a few practices, the manager may schedule one or more practice games with other teams within their league. Players should not wear the team uniform to practice games.

Regular Season Play and Practices. During the regular season teams will usually be scheduled to play two games each week. In addition, managers will schedule one or two weekly practices.

Minimum Playing Time. The League has minimum playing time regulations, which require every player to play in each game. Exceptions to these rules are allowed only when a player fails to appear for games, misses practices without excuse, or is being disciplined. For definitive rules at each playing level, please contact your team manager. The minimum playing time rules do not imply equal game time for each player, nor are they intended to remove the strategic choices of the manager.